Unified Voice Messaging

Directly access your voice messages from other pre-defined numbers.
Distribution Lists
Create multiple distribution lists to use with voice messaging.
Load or modify your voice messaging greetings.
Voice Management
Record messages for calls that are not answered within a specified number of rings or for busy calls.
Voice Portal
Change voice portal options for the user.

Voice Management allows you to specify how to handle your messages. Use Unified messaging if you want to use your phone to retrieve messages. You can also just choose to send the message to your e-mail and not use the phone for messaging. Note that the message settings here also apply to other types of messaging such as fax if enabled.

Two-Stage Dialing

The Two Stage Dialing service may be used in conjunction with the Mobile Assistant, residing on a user's mobile phone, to allow access to BroadWorks originating services from the mobile


Two-Stage Dialing allows you to integrate your cell phone or PSTN landline with your BroadWorks services by prompting for additional dialed digits for call origination attempts if the "Allow activation with any user address" check box is checked and the original dialed digits matches your phone number(s), extension(s) or aliases. The collected digits replace the original dialed digits and are used to complete the call. By associating your cell phone or PSTN landline with your primary device or alternate location, you can originate calls from your cell phone or PSTN landline to your BroadWorks phone number and get prompted for additional digits allowing you to leverage enterprise dialing and other BroadWorks services. In addition, you can use the search button to search for more phone numbers that can be used for Two-Stage Dialing.